Uldra Oathsworn


Uldras are small fey that dwell in the arctic wilderness, living at peace with the natural world. In particular, uldras are quite fond of the wild animals of the world, and see themselves as the guardians and protectors of such creatures, especially in cases where civilization encroaches. Although they generally prefer to avoid conflict, they are quick to rise in the defense of local wildlife.

Uldras are exceptionally emotional creatures, and their reactions to new situations are always powerful and expressive. An uldra can be laughing with joy one moment, screaming with rage in the next, and then be calm and serene a moment later. To an uldra, these ever-changing mood swings are natural and logical, but they often project a feeling of insanity to more civilized people.

Nothing brings joy to an uldra’s heart more than watching, playing with, or helping wild animals. They find domesticated animals to be depressing and enraging, and often stage midnight raids on villages to “rescue” cows, dogs, and other domesticated animals by kidnapping them and helping them to return to their wild roots. Uldras have a strong dislike of cities and civilization in general, and many of them take it upon themselves to harass and annoy travelers and other obviously city-bred folk they encounter.


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