Kaldrstronde, The Frozen Shores

Games 2 and 3
The Gold Dragons adventuring company was formed in Eyearja with the goal of seeking out traces of dragons in Kaldrstronde. They follow a map North, headed for the Ourdes hills and a dungeon known as Gorgoldand’s Gauntlet. Camping by the road, they were waylaid by Thugee killers led by an evil cleric. All of the attackers save the cleric were killed, and she retreated to a house in a nearby village. The next day, the party discovered the Thugee cleric had been posing as a devotee of Pelor and had charmed a local woman to help her. She was apprehended and turned over to a guardsman. A crude map to a nearby dungeon, where the cleric claimed her god lives, was found and followed. Upon arrival, the party was attacked by demonic dwarves, who they defeated with some difficulty. A scouting expedition inside the cave revealed a spiral staircase. The party has regrouped, complete with a couple of new members, around the entrance to the dungeon.
Rod of little Wonder riddle

My first is born but once, and dies nine deaths.
My middle is the heart of alarm.
My last arranges locks of golden thread,
And can be found on the morning caller’s head.

Rhyme of the Nerra

The Rod of little Wonder is yours, o clever fool

“And now a word in uncouth rhyme
of what shall be in future’s time

When noble dragons quit the land
A holy king shall raise his hand

The lands of Northern he shall take
and wake the beast of frozen lake

No sword nor spell may pierce its hide
but in you heroes we do confide

The Stone of men who learn to think
shall banish its evil beyond the brink."


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