Loot Inventory

Session the Fourth 7-16-13
PC’s: Elvira Grimkatla, Frigux, Shimmerfrost, Jan’ryna Orly’ani, Ygdmod, Alaric Blunderbllits

Currency & Precious Stones: Amber Snake Eye, Amber Snake Eye (each snake eye is valued at 30 gp), 592 Gold Pieces, 1507 Silver Pieces, 2600 Copper Pieces

Armor: Masterwork Chainmail, Studded Leather +1, Breastplate +1

Weapons: +1 Elfbane Scythe, Longsword +1, Masterwork Halberd

Magical Items: Broach of Alarm, Ring of Protection +1, Wand of Demon Summoning, Dust of Disappearance, Bladed Fan of Wind, Ring of Mind Shielding, Potion of Magic Fang +3, Merciful Staff of Light +2 (to handle the shadow problem in the staircase room)

Scrolls: (Scroll Of) Bull Strength, Detect Snares & Pits, Fireball, Halt Undead, Flaming Sphere, Arcane Lock, Locate Object, Summon Monster 3, Undead Invisibility

Potions: Barkskin +2, Shield of Faith +2, Cure of Moderate Wounds, Cure of Moderate Wounds, Cure of Moderate Wounds, Cure of Moderate Wounds

Note from Alaric: I personally dont have a preference. My main focus is getting gold so i can purchase a pistol and alchemical supplies to craft rounds. So id be happy to take random items noone else wants that i can just sell for gold or more currency and less items, also a cure moderate wounds potion would be nice

Frigux: I’d like to have the scythe. Possibly the Breastplate if noone lays claim to it.

Loot Inventory

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