This is not a place for the weak. Those who can’t carry their own weight in Kaldrstronde end up beneath the snow. Keep your axe sharp and your armor oiled; but strength of arms alone will not preserve you. The riddles of the dragons are woven into the land, and only a deft mind can unlock their secrets and survive their dangers.
The Mavar, arrogant mortals that they are, call themselves the rulers of this land, but the humans in their walled cities are not alone here. Uldra, elves, dusklings, and other fey beings haunt secluded places. Dwarves, gnomes, and all manner of goblinoids live beneath the glacier-capped mountains, mining, building, and making war. There are those from beyond the Astral who make their home in the magic-soaked climate: the tieflings, shadowswyft, bariaurs, and others even stranger than these. The children of dragons, be they kobolds, dragonborn, spellscale, dragon-descended or draconian, fight to carve their place in a world that fears them.
So whet your blade; cast the runes; speak the words of power. The call of the North beckons, hero!